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humanitarian assistance for the forcibly displaced.

Why 5 S’poreans went to

haze central in Indonesia to distribute N95 masks  by Walter Chia

There has been no shortage of views with regards to the haze afflicting Singapore and the region of late. In particular, there have been strong reactions to the Indonesian government’s apparent flip-flop over foreign help and especially on Vice-President Jusuf Kalla’s now infamous remarks on Singapore’s apparent lack of gratitude. We have these views because we have been affected by the haze. However, nowhere does the haze affect people more than in Sumatra and, more so, in Kalimantan where PSI levels have gone to as high as 2,600. This is what led...


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who give of their time to provide guidance and expertise.

Relief Singapore (RSG) is a homegrown social enterprise and NGO that provides healthcare, clean water and other forms of humanitarian assistance for those forcibly displaced and affected by conflict, calamities and climate change. Our mandate is to focus on humanitarian needs that are underserved and neglected.

We are compelled by our faith in Jesus Christ to love our neighbours, who are defined more by identified needs, rather than just by geographical proximity alone. As a social enterprise, we aim to do good and do well at the same time. Recent emergencies that we have responded to include three major disasters in 2015: Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, Nepal Earthquake and the Indonesia haze crisis. RSG’s vision is a world where there are “lasting, liveable and loving homes for everyone.” To this end, we seek to provide aid to the most vulnerable regardless of race, religion, or political convictions. Our flagship campaign, “From Singapore With Love,” rallies and exhorts all who are living and working in the little red dot to step forward and love their neighbours in need wherever they might be around the world.

RSG is registered in Singapore under the LLP Registration Act. Registration number: T14LL0630B




PROFESSOR FREDDY BOEY is currently Senior Vice President at National University of Singapore. Prior to this, he was Deputy President and Provost of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and also previously the Chair of NTU’s School of Materials Science and Engineering from 2005 to 2010, during which time he built the school into one of the world’s largest research-intensive Materials Science & Engineering department. Freddy was awarded Singapore’s Public Administration Medal (Silver) by the Government of Singapore in 2010. In November 2011, he received the Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award from Monash University at its 50th anniversary celebrations in recognition of his achievements as a teacher, researcher and innovator, including his exceptional contributions to nanomedicine, as well as his volunteer work since his student days. In December 2011, he was awarded, honoris causis, Doctor of Technology, by the Loughborough University in UK. Freddy has also been conferred Honorary Professorships by the University of Indonesia and Nanjing Postal and Telecommunication University. Besides sitting on several boards of government funded research institutes, he is Board Director in IPOS under the Ministry of Law and in the Defence Science Organisation under the Ministry of Defence, as well as founding Fellow of the Academy of Engineering Singapore. Freddy is a former Chair elder and previously, also Chairman and council member of Scripture Union.

WALTER CHIA is currently a Deputy Director at IPOS International, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Intellectual Property of Singapore (IPOS). IPOS-I is tasked with marketing Singapore’s Intellectual Property (IP) services to businesses and IP owners overseas. He is also concurrently the Deputy Director of the International Engagement Department with IPOS itself, tasked specifically with managing the Singapore government’s relations with global bodies like WIPO and international IP associations. Walter graduated from the University of Warwick with 2nd class upper Honours Degree in International Studies. After graduation, he worked in the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 14 years. Walter served in Singapore’s Diplomatic Missions to the Philippines and Malaysia, was Singapore’s representative to various ASEAN, APEC and UN meetings and also Singapore’s delegate to the United Nations 60th General Assembly in 2005, overseeing international trade and economic issues. He has experience with disaster repatriation and relief work as well as some training as a radio communications and water purification specialist. Walter’s disaster/humanitarian relief experience outside of his official duties includes providing technical advice, local liaison work and assisting with mission planning and logistics.

PROFESSOR JAN-OLOF DRANGERT is Associate Professor at the Department of Water and Environmental Studeis at Linköping University has been engaged in research concerning sanitation and water for more than 25 years, conducting studies and projects in Sweden and in developing countries like India, Vietnam, South Africa and East Africa. His main research focus is on management at household and utility level, combined with a thorough knowledge of technical, health, recycling and agricultural issues. As Manager of the research school for the national Swedish PhD programme Sustainable Urban Water, Jan-Olof produced 15 PhD graduates. For the last ten years, he has been the director of the five-week long international training programme Ecological Alternatives in Sanitation, the contents of which have been developed into training material for university students and made available online at

JIMMY NADAPDAP has worked for World Vision for more than 16 years, mostly in humanitarian emergencies. He was the first World Vision (WV) staff to enter Aceh in 2004 following the December 26 earthquake and tsunami, serving as the Rapid Response Team Leader in one of WV’s largest-ever emergency responses. Being recognized for his ability to work in complex emergency responses (which included not only geographic constraints but also post-conflict) Jimmy has since played leadership roles in WV’s Emergency responses in the Solomon Islands, India, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Myanmar, Mauritania West Africa, Turkey-Syria Cross Border operations, Typhoon Haiyan in the Phillipines, Iraq Refugee Crisis, and the recent Nepal Earthquake Response. As a humanitarian practitioner for the last 17 years, Jimmy is skilled in various expertise such as Leadership and Team Management, Project Development and Management, Relationship Building, Strategic Planning and Alignment, Analytical Skill, Communication and Organizational Skills, Crisis Management, Staff and Organization Capacity Building, and Negotiation Skill. Currently, he lives in Singapore and works for the World Vision International (WVI) Global Rapid Response Team for deployment to large-scale emergencies anywhere in the world where WVI responds directly. As Senior Relief Coordinator, Jimmy is a specialist who can be deployed to an emergency site within 24 to 72 hours and responsible for leading the response team and building relationships with key stakeholders. Jimmy also serves on the Board of Advisors to Wateroam (, a Singapore social enterprise that focuses on delivering clean water especially to those affected by emergencies and facing issues with water quality.

DR CARMEN SINGH is a clinician with more than 20 years’ experience. She enjoyed the challenge of providing quality healthcare in rural areas in Sarawak, Borneo, being part of both the Flying Doctors Service and Riverine Village Health Team. It was during this time that she developed an interest in Maternal Child Health. Her experience extended beyond the shores of Malaysia. In Timor Leste, she was Reproductive Health Technical Advisor with Health Alliance International, an academic INGO from the University of Washington, funded by USAID. During that time, she served as a member of national reproductive health working groups to refine and revise national strategies and policies pertaining to MCH programmes, evaluating evidence-based activities and promoting the use of international best practices in midwifery and essential newborn care including adolescent health. Carmen’s multi-lingual skills has enabled her to communicate effectively with health care providers to ensure quality services at health facilities. A keen supporter of community-based Family Health Promoters in low resource settings, she provided technical oversight in the development of the training curriculum. Assisted by two Timorese midwives, Carmen authored a report: The Silent Cry – Perinatal Mortality in Timor Leste: Reported Perinatal and Neonatal Deaths in Health Alliance International Program Districts – July 2009. She became a trainer of Logistics Management Information System by UNFPA and in Essential Newborn Care by WHO in 2009. Carmen also completed the Humanitarian Negotiators Training Course, by the Center for International Humanitarian Cooperation, Fordham University. Since 2009, she has been a volunteer with MSF Hong Kong. In Mesina, South Africa, Carmen was an observer with the MSF mobile clinic team providing healthcare services to the economic migrant community from Zimbabwe. After her overseas stint, she supported MERCY Malaysia, providing technical training on data management and analysis. Currently, when not travelling in support of her husband’s work with the UN, Carmen continues her clinical practice in Kuala Lumpur and volunteers as advisor and occasionally teaches at PT Foundation, Malaysia in the “Second Chance” programme for children infected or/and impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.


JONATHAN HOW first studied accountancy at university but later pursued a master’s degree in international relations in 2000 to fulfil a deeper interest in global affairs. In late 2008, his passion for peacebuilding through the arts and music led him to start OOOM, Singapore’s first social open mike. Compelled by his Christian faith to love thy neighbour, Jonathan enjoys promoting humanitarian and environmental causes. Over time, Jonathan became increasingly mindful of the needs of refugees and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) and the extreme distress they endure as they are forced to flee from their homes in search of safe refuge because of conflict, calamities and climate change. In 2012, he started the NGO World Refugee (the predecessor of Relief Singapore), founded on his conviction that his purpose in life is to help forcibly displaced and stateless persons. In his free time, Jonathan monkeys around with his three boisterous children, attends music gigs and daydreams. He is also an avid badminton player, and loves a spirited game anytime.






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